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April 23, 2014, 8:49 pm

Daily Tidbit for Thursday: What a day! Tootie Joiner, Richard “I’m a Bulldog” Noe and Celeste “Sings like an Angel” Zepponi all turn another year younger. Well, maybe not Tootie. She is still in that age group where they actually wish they were a little older! Happy Birthday Celeste, Richard and Tootie!

We were told Tuesday night that our friend Marvin Carraway has been in the hospital for around three weeks now. Then, John Carraway calls us yesterday and tells us that Marvin was transferred to the I.C.U. unit yesterday afternoon.  We understand that all of this has to do with his blood pressure and blood density. However, whatever the cause, Marvin could use your prayers and thoughts to help him get over this and come back home. And, B.T.W., he is in Baptist East.

A while back, we said that there were some new things on the horizon for Well, some things are about to happen and happen fairly quickly. Tune in tomorrow for a BIG announcement.

Another new thing is that we heard you requesting to have the Summer Baseball Schedules posted, so here they are: Click Here for this Summer’s Schedules. You can also find a link in the Top Menu under the heading of Sportsman. Remember, DO NOT click on Sportsman, just put your cursor on the word and a drop-down menu will appear. Then, click on Baseball.

Tonight is the Lee Academy Powder Puff football game. This is an annual event that is as funny as it is fun! Wait until you see the “Cheerleaders” lol

Also tonight is the Spring Initiative Potluck Supper. Everybody is invited and it will be held @ First united Methodist Church at 405 East Second Street. Come on down and meet Anja, Bianca and the rest of the Spring Initiative team.

John McKellar, CHS Class of 1964, sent us the photo below with a request for our readers to help identify the players. The photo is of the 1934 Mississippi State Champion Clarksdale High School Wildcats. The only person he can identify is his uncle #30, Irby Ellis, father of Joe Ellis in Cleveland. Please get out your specs and take a look or ask your parents and grandparents who these other players are and send us the info so that we can forward it to him.



If you want to send your info on this pic to us, send it to Thanks for your help Clarksdale.


And thank you Mr. McKellar for sharing this great moment in Clarksdale history with us!

We have added several events to the Events Calendar and updated some others. Included in the updates was the Relay for Life Wrestling event tomorrow night. Click Here for more info.

Also tomorrow night is the first session of this year’s Friday at the Stage venue. Rocking down the Stage downtown will be Party Shot. It is FREE, so grab your sweetie, a lawn chair, and your cooler, brings the kids and come on downtown for the music and fun. The music starts at 7:00 p.m. and runs until 10:00 p.m.

Saturday there will be a FREE workshop @ Coahoma Community College on starting a small business. You MUST reserve your seat no later than today by calling Angela Collins at (662)621-4685. Tell ‘em we sent ya!

Did you know that the USDA was at CCC last week? They were her to observe the FIRST EVER Energy Auditing course of its kind. Click Here to read Brittany Davis’s article about how Clarksdale and Coahoma Community College are once again leading the way for the rest of the world!

Click Here for Jackson Jambalaya.

Click Here for the Drudge Report.

Have a great day Clarksdale and Coahoma County.


April 22, 2014, 9:11 pm

Daily Tidbit for Wednesday: It’s Happy Birthday time for Meriam Matthews, Scott Treadway, and Will Treadway! Happy Birthday Will, Scott and Meriam!

It was a good gathering for the Bulldog faithful yesterday as they welcomed Assistant Coach Deshae Townsend to speak before the local folks. The fact that there was only one table with empty seats spoke highly of the local alumni’s desire to hear more from their Alma Mater. Coach Townsend, as seen in the photo below, was obviously at ease as he fielded questions from the crowd about next year’s football squad.



In the photo below, Shanna Taylor and Jimmy Walker, Jr. handle the ticket sales at the reception table while Chapter President Richard Noe and old feller Sandy Stillions strike a pose!




The opening night of Dixie Youth Baseball was interesting to say the least. First, the umpire got called to Senatobia for a State Playoff game and then his replacement umps got tied up at a West Tallahatchie game in Webb. Some Coaches stepped in and did a yeoman’s job of getting the opening game started almost an hour late!

Dalton Furniture took the first game away from Fullilove Farms. And then Fullilove Farms redeemed themselves in the second game against First South 3-5. We got home around 10:30!

From Coahoma Community College: It is time for Cheerleading Tryouts and Clinics at CCC. Read about how to get in on the action on the Sports Page. Click Here. The article says that they will hand out applications on May 1, or you can get them on the CCC website by Clicking Here. And if you cannot find the application packet there, check back here this afternoon and we will have them posted on a special page just for you for convenience.

And today’s blog is short because we were at the ball park so late!   Yeah, that’s right, we are gonna blame it on the kids!   lol

Click Here for Jackson Jambalaya.

Click Here for the Drudge Report.

Have a great day Clarksdale and Coahoma.

April 21, 2014, 7:20 pm

Daily Tidbit for Tuesday: Okay, let’s try this one again: Today Birthdays include Reine Hinman Overton and Michael Watts!  Call them and give them a Happy Birthday wish! Have a Happy Birthday Michael and Reine!

They have set an earlier time for today’s Cat Fish Lunch with M.S.U. Assistant Coach Deshea Townsend. The doors will be open at 11:30. I don’t know if there are any tickets left or not, but you can call Richard Noe at (662)645-4040 or Bradley Lunceford (662)902-9843. If any are available, they are $20 each.

Summer league baseball starts tonight!

The Coahoma County Supervisors will not meet this week because of an out-of-town meeting. Their next meeting will take place on May 5th. And the Mayor and Commissioners meet next Monday.

There is a flyer on the Musings Page that tells about a Grief Support Group. If you have lost a loved one or you know someone who has, you might want to read this flyer and go to their next meeting. The next meeting is set for Thursday May 8th. Click Here for the flyer.

The Police Report was posted late yesterday because we received it late. The big news is that our local men and women in blue have removed two more alleged burglars from our streets. Way to go C.P.D.!

Sorry, but this is another short blog. Tomorrow we go out to look for some things that are happening that you have not told us about!

Click Here for Jackson Jambalaya.

Click Here for the Drudge Report.

Have a great day Clarksdale and Coahoma County.


April 20, 2014, 6:00 pm

Daily Tidbit for Monday:  Birthdays for today include John Andrew Agostinelli and Raymond Cole! Happy Birthday to Raymond and John!

But while we are on the subject, we wished someone a Happy Birthday on Sunday and now her husband and Facebook tell us that her Birthday is tomorrow! We hope this did not inconvenience anyone, but her family member told us the wrong date!   lol

Events on the Events Calendar for this week include two BIG events. Tomorrow at Noon, the Coahoma County Chapter of the Mississippi State University Alumni Chapter will be hosting a fish fry @ the Clarksdale Country Club. Special guest speaker will be M.S.U. Assistant Football Coach Desha Townsend. This event is open to the public and tickets are $20 each. For tickets or more info, call Richard Noe (662)645-4040 or Bradley Lunceford (662)902-9843.

Later that day, Summer League Baseball begins in Clarksdale. Youth, Inc. and Dixie Youth will both have games on all fields. At the Dixie Youth Field, at 5:30 p.m., Delta Furniture will host. Fullilove Farms and, at 7:30, Fullilove Farms will host First South. And, would you believe that the Dixie Youth Director asked us to mention that Hamburgers, Walking tacos, Hot dogs, Popcorn, Nachos, Candy bars, Sunflower seeds, Gatorade, Water and RC drinks will be available in the Concession Stand?  : ) Come early and eat supper while watching tomorrow’s superstars playing while they are still kids!

Later in the week will be two more BIG events. Followed by another on Saturday. Friday night Friday at the Stage kicks off another season of music, fun and seeing old friends. Also on Friday night is a new Relay for Life event, Wrestling for a Cure. We don't have any other info about this event.

Saturday is a FREE Small Business Workshop. If you have any thoughts about opening your own business, you might want to spend a few hours here before you go any further. You MUST make reservations to attend and that info is on the Events Calendar, so Click Here to learn more.

Don’t forget to send in your events and meetings if you want people to know about them. We do manage to stumble on some things, but to be sure we get your info, take a second and e-mail it on in.

There is an article about a Mayoral Summit on the Musings Page. The Summit took place last Wednesday and included Mayors from 5 counties. You will find it under the poster. Click Here for the article.

When we went online yesterday there were 47 items in our spam folder. 15 of them were from AT&T! Is that harassment? lol

Don’t forget to check the menu from the Ranchero so that you can plan your lunch! And remember, the menu changes every day Monday through Friday!

Click Here for Jackson Jambalaya.

Click Here for the Drudge Report.

Have a great day Clarksdale and Coahoma County.