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October 8, 2012, 7:16 pm

Daily Tidbit for Tuesday: The video of yesterday’s meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners is now on the Meeting Videos 2 Page, or Click Here. See below for a quick rundown of what happened.

Tom Jones appeared before the Board to announce that the U. S. Navy Band from Millington Naval Air Station would participate in the Veterans Day Parade scheduled for November 10th at 10:00 a.m. The band will march in the parade and then perform a concert for the city from the Stage downtown.

City Clerk Cathy Clark wants the City to illegally pay people for doing other peoples’ work in place of donating leave time. Even we know that the state has laid out the proper procedures for the donation of medical leave time, but what Clark said in the meeting was in violation of the Wage and Hour Laws. (A real Director of Human Resources could have told her that.) Commissioner Palmer requested that the request be held over until they could look into it further.

Palmer then brought up the possibility of sending all the critters in the animal shelter to the shelter in Tunica. This was held over as well so the Board could talk about it in private. This move if passed, would result in Clarksdale sending money to Tunica for housing our critters.

While we think there may be merit to this proposition in the fact that the animals would be treated better there, we aren’t too sure about sending our tax money to another town.

The report from the Police Department should make all Clarksdalians feel good. In the period from October 1 through October 8, the C.P.D. made 71 arrests. Last week we reported the C.P.D. made 30 arrests in two days prior to this time frame. Wow!

The C.P.D. also handed out commendations for a sting that apparently has broken up prostitution in Clarksdale. The sting involved  the work of several officers. Kudos to the C.P.D.!

The City voted to execute an agreement with an out-of-town tire recycler to haul off tires from the City Shop. It was also pointed out that all citizens of Clarksdale could take their old worn-out tires to the City Shop to have them disposed of for free.

Also of interest was the discussion on whether the Mayor could write a letter to Chawla Management guaranteeing a tax exemption on the new hotel the Chawla brothers are discussing building in Clarksdale.

See the video for more info and the full discussions on the above subjects.

We ran into Coach Cauthen yesterday and he told us that the Lee Colts Pee-Wee football team would be hosting the Washington Generals today at Lee Academy for their final game of the year. We also heard from someone else that Coaches Cauthen, Davis, Marinelli, Mitchell and Spinks have done a great job with the Pee-Wees this year.

Go see the little guys play today as they have “C” team, “B” team, and an “A” team games starting at 5:00 p.m. Sounds like a good place for us to be with a camera today.

On the Events Calendar for the week:

Thursday is the Internet Job Hunting Workshop @ Carnegie Public Library. If you are looking for a job and don’t know how to use the internet to aid your hunt, call the Library to reserve a seat. You can find the Top Ten Web Sites for job hunting and how to use them. Seats are limited, so call now!

Friday is an evening with Caroline Kennedy. This will take place @ the Cutrer Mansion, a.k.a. the Coahoma County Higher Education Center and is the result of the cooperation between the CCHEC and the Carnegie Public Library. Don’t worry about politics; she will be here to discuss her book.

Friday night and Saturday are the Tennessee Williams Festival as people from all over the world descend on Clarksdale to celebrate and learn more about the acclaimed playwright. (Yeah, he is actually one of our favorites too!)

There will also be a 5K walk/run to raise funds for Breast Cancer research on Saturday morning. Call (662)621-4155 for more info or to register.

Also on Saturday, it is Airport Day. That is the day we celebrate our local airport and go on plane rides and view all sorts of aircraft and just have a good time. Seriously, we had fun last year!


Did you have trouble with yesterday’s Contest Clue? Did you miss it entirely? Okay, here is your chance to redeem yourself. Here is the second clue, but you have to solve this one because we can’t keep giving you clues here. Solve them to find your way! Ready? Here it is: 


This is the oldest of its kind in the State of Mississippi.

Once you get there, to get the next clue,

go to where you can find Christmas every day of the year.


Have a great day Clarksdale and Coahoma County!

Taylor says

October 9, 2012, 4:40 am

The Colt pee wee games are today Tuesday Oct 9 @ Colt field

keifer says

October 9, 2012, 8:00 am

Typos on our part. The corrections have been made as Taylor is correct. The games are TODAY! Thank you Taylor.
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